Thursday, August 22, 2013


Before sunrise woke the sleeping skies, they ran toward Jesus’ tomb
Their hands were filled with spices; their hearts were filled with gloom
For the one they loved lay silently within a stone cold grave,
And they worried who was strong enough to roll that stone away 

Imagine their surprise when they arrived and He was gone!
An angel said, “He is not here.” It did not take them long
To turn and run to tell their friends who ran so they could see
An empty tomb, and grave clothes lay where Jesus used to be 

They did not understand, their Lord was gone, they knew not where
They did not understand that all the time, the Lord was there
Walking in the garden, waiting to ascend
Then Mary met the Teacher, Master, Savior, Friend 

He said to her, now go and tell I’m going to my Father
So she hurried to the place where she could tell the others
Behind closed doors they waited now, in fear of what would come
When in their midst, they saw the one whose voice had calmed the storm 

His words were “Peace be unto you.”  He showed his hands and side
He showed them things we do not know and spoke to them of life
For all those who have never seen the Savior yet believe
 Everlasting life will be the gift that they receive 

For you and me and everyone who heeds the call to come
Unto the blessed Savior, for there is only one,
Who could pay the final sacrifice; one spotless, sinless Lamb
The only way, our debt to pay, to reach the Great I Am 

Just when we think it is hopeless, like those who saw the empty tomb
He steps into our midst and speaks sweet peace, dispels our gloom
Our job is to go and tell and spread the word “He’s Risen”
Salvation today and hope for tomorrow is what our Lord has given 

Don’t wait; don’t even hesitate, to bow before Him now
Give Him your heart, your life your all and He will show you how
To face each day with thankful hearts, with peace, and joy, and love
And when this life is ended He’ll transport us far above
The sun, the moon, the starry sky, to heaven’s peaceful shore
Where we’ll worship Him with glorious praise in heaven evermore.

© JP 2013

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