Friday, May 31, 2013

Noah - Last Man Standing

But Noah found grace in the eyes
of the Lord.      Genesis 6:8 KJV 

     Have you ever wondered if God’s patience with man can be exhausted? The evidence for a yes answer to that question jumps off the pages of the Bible in Genesis 6-7. God’s crowning creation flooded the earth with evil. But Noah walked with God.

     Noah was the last man standing who would lead his family into belief, trust, worship, and obedience to Jehovah God Almighty. When God directed him to build the first cruise ship, Oasis of the Earth, Noah immediately began work. Genesis 6:22 tells us that “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

      Because Noah continued to believe, trust, worship and obey God while the rest of the world plunged deeper and deeper into wickedness, Noah found grace in the eyes of his LORD. He was six hundred years old when he stepped across the threshold and into the ark with his wife, three sons, three daughters-in-law and an accumulation of every living thing on earth. Then God shut the door to the ark and it began to rain—forty days and forty nights.

     God did not send a boat mechanic, a zoo keeper, a chef, a housekeeper or a doctor along for the ride. God himself prepared the path of safety, Noah followed His directions, and after one wild ride, the Noah family landed high and dry atop Mount Ararat.

     Noah’s story gives hope in the midst of our world which seems to be plummeting deeper and deeper into wickedness. God’s grace towards Noah is the same grace extended to you and me today—a reminder that God is faithful to those who obey Him.

     Although God does not always keep us from trouble, He is always faithful to care for us in spite of and in the midst of our trouble. There may come a time when you or I will be the last man (or woman) standing in a given situation. But there is a path of safety that is steadfast and sure. Believe God! Trust in Him! Worship the LORD! Obey Him!

     Our world needs men and women like Noah, not perfect, but faithfully obedient to the call of God. I pray that today God will continue to raise up a generation of men and women who have faith and courage and are not afraid to be the last man standing!

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