Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is That An Open Door I See?

I know your deeds. See, I have placed
before you an open door that no one can shut.
                                    Revelation 3:8a  NIV 

     In our home, we have one bedroom set aside for our grandchildren. Filled with their toys and a daybed, they find comfort in their room. When she was younger, one of our granddaughters loved to slam that bedroom door closed. No matter how many times we opened it and asked her to keep the door open, eventually we would hear that bam and immediately know the name of the culprit.

     Like MaKenzie and that bedroom door, life has a way of slamming doors in our faces. We make plans. We have dreams. We set goals. In our youth, we have hopes that everything will go our way. As we grow older and look at the twists and turns of life, we understand that it did not all turn out as we planned. We can see the places where doors of opportunity appeared slammed in our faces. We also sometimes recognize doors that stood open yet we failed to walk through them. Often we choose unexpected doors and find unexpected joy.

     However, for each of us there is a door opened by our Heavenly Father that no man can shut. Actually, I prefer to think of two doors. First God opens the door of admission into his kingdom. Although no man can slam it shut, we must choose to walk through.

     Once we have chosen the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ His Son, God will then open the door of opportunity. Your door may not look like mine. My open door may not be the one that I expected. Some doors are beautifully adorned in lavish places; others are worn and beaten. Some doors may lead to a place of safety—others to danger. Many open doors lead away from our comfort zone.

     There are so many doors. Which one do I choose? How do I know I am walking through the right door? Pray, and ask the Father. Watch, and expect Him to answer. Read God’s Word, and follow Jesus as He walks through the pages. Seek wisdom and understanding. As you and I look, expect, and prepare to serve God, we will find ourselves asking, “Is that an open door I see?”


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