Monday, January 21, 2013

Green Eyed Monster

I recently re-discovered this poem I wrote several years ago as I was teaching a women’s Bible study about Managing Your Moods by Marilyn Meberg. With Christmas behind us and spring cleaning just around the corner, it may be an appropriate time to considered purging some bad habits and/or attitudes from our “closets”.

 Perhaps envy is not a problem for you. But, if you are like me, I’m sure you have an attitude or two that needs adjusting—just a little. Be blessed today, and don’t forget to look up.


Green-Eyed Monster

I heard a rumbling in my closet, just behind the door
I slipped my feet into my shoes and crept across the floor
Afraid at first to open doors and see what I might find
The contents of my closet rushed across my crowded mind

I placed my fingers gently on the nickel-plated knob
The dancing light across my diamond ring made my heart throb
I had to have that ring because it matched my other one
Every girl I know loves diamonds dancing in the sun

I gently pulled—afraid of what I knew would welcome me
Thirty pair of shoes, twelve purses, leather coats—just three
The rumbling noise grew louder as I opened wide the door
The contents of my closet spilled across the bedroom floor

The dress that’s just like Suzie’s—still wearing the store tag
The jeans like Mary Lou wore, and oh yes, the matching bag
There hangs the shirt like Betty wears. I haven’t put it on
And then I heard the rumbling even louder—growing strong

And there it was, the small red velvet box that called my name
Purchase me and your life will never be the same
At least that’s what the TV ad said as I dialed the phone
I knew that Judy had one; I just had to bring it home

Funny thing about that box, it’s been there for a year
The credit card bill’s still coming, but its content brings no cheer
I think about how none of this has brought me any joy
But I just had to have it to keep up with those next door

I think I’ll clean my closet, who knows what I might find
Besides, that rumbling noise I hear is driving me out of my mind
For I’ve found no peace where envy dwells, my soul is restless still
I recognize my envious heart cannot be in God’s will

So I’ll purge my closet, and my heart of all this stuff
For now I recognize that God and His will is enough
I have a friend who is in need. I’ll give these gifts to her
And purge my closet and my heart of that ugly green-eyed monster.
© JPowell 2013

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