Monday, April 20, 2015

My Redeemer Lives

I know that my Redeemer lives,
and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.
And after my skin has been destroyed,
yet in my flesh I will see God.
I myself will see him
with my own eyes—I, and not another.
How my heart yearns within me!
                          Job 19:25-27 NIV

     Job certainly needed a redeemer; a deliverer. After the loss of his children, cattle, possessions, you might wonder why his faith in God remained strong. Unaware of the conversation in heaven between satan and God, Job must have thought that God had brought all these disasters into his life. Yet right in the middle of his loss and heartache, Job gave a remarkable response to his friend’s accusations inferring Job’s troubles were brought on because of his sin.

     When I get to heaven, I want to see the replay of Bildad’s face as Job looked him in the eye and stated emphatically, I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that in the end He will stand upon the earth! I know that when I die, I will see God! I will see Him with my own eyes! Then Job confirmed to Bildad what you and I surely feel from time to time—“How my heart yearns within me!”

     Does your heart yearn to see God—to bow before Him and cry Holy, Holy, Holy? Are there days when you long to sit at the feet of Jesus—to be in His presence and bask in the warmth of seeing Him with your eyes and not your heart only? Do you long for the day when God becomes sight—not with spiritual eyes alone but with physical eyes?

     Do you sometimes feel you stand at the portal of the reality of the spiritual realm and are waiting for the breath of the Holy Spirit to blow against your back gently moving you from this veiled world of sin and into the presence of God? Just a breath away! That is the distance between now and a face-to-face encounter with The Creator!

     Tough times come and I might be tempted to lose hope! Loss comes and I might be tempted to lose faith! Death comes and I might be tempted to lose joy! Sorrow and heartache and hard times come to us all, but there is no reason to despair. Why? Repeat after me—I know my Redeemer lives!

One day, I will see Him face to face! I know my Redeemer lives!

© Joyce Powell

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