Monday, September 15, 2014

Proclaim God's Word

Hear the word of the LORD; O nations,
proclaim it in distant coastlands.
                      Jeremiah 31:10 NIV

     On October 27, 2007, I wrote these words in the margin of my Bible next to Jeremiah 31:10. “I pray for the opportunity to do just that, Father. Amen.”

     Never in my wildest imaginings did I dream that seven years down the road God would have granted me the privilege, via blogs and books, of sending around the world the messages he has placed in my heart.

     Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Indonesia, Canada, Denmark, Australia, India and dozens of other countries have visited the blog started a couple of years ago. Even in China, God broke through the barriers of government control and allowed a few people to find a message of hope and encouragement.

     Today I am humbly reminded of what I have long believed. NO thing is too big for my God. NO one is too small or insignificant to be used by God. NO powers can stop the Word of God.

     God calls His Children to “Hear the word of the LORD; O nations, proclaim it in distant coastlands.”

© Joyce Powell

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