Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Road Work Ahead

Get yourself ready! Stand up and say
to them whatever I command you. Do
not be terrified by them, or I will
terrify you before them.
             Jeremiah 1:17  

     Today we will look at the road sign which reads Road Work Ahead. 

     A journey with God is always incredible. Sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it is precious. Sometimes it is just plain eye opening.

     In order to understand our personal journey, it will be helpful to take a look at the prophet Jeremiah’s call from God. He did not attend seminary. He did not write a thesis for an advanced degree in theology. He did not pray and asked God to choose him as a prophet.

     His calling came as a young boy, indicated by his response to God in Jeremiah 1:6-8. “Then said I, Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.” But God made his instructions to Jeremiah clear: “Say not, I am a child. Go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.” (KJV) Jeremiah had work to do.

     It could be that Jeremiah contemplated his role in the family business. His father, a priest, would have expected Jeremiah to follow in his footsteps. A decision between becoming a priest with full-time employment versus a prophet and never knowing what could happen or where your next meal would come from might sound easy. Jeremiah’s problem; God Himself changed Jeremiah’s job description from priest to prophet.

     Have you had that experience? Have you been content with your life when without warning your world turned upside down? Was your life progressing as you planned, but God...?  Have you found yourself in an unexpected situation? If so, perhaps you can better understand Jeremiah’s reluctance to answer God’s call to a work that would take him into situations from which he would need to be delivered, rescued, and saved. Jeremiah’s obedience called him to trust God with his life—as does yours and mine.

     God gave Jeremiah his instructions and a picture of soon-coming events. God also set forth His expectations and explained to Jeremiah that he would be provided for. No excuses. With his call from God made official, his life’s plan instantaneously changed!

     Jeremiah began his journey not knowing he would face a pain-filled forty years of Road Work Ahead. Hopefully our journey will be less painful. While we may be different from others in our vocation, our personality, our dreams and goals, we are alike in this; God desires each of us to know Him and to lead others to know Him.

     Do not think that you are not qualified. Do not think that God cannot use you. Don’t be fooled by the enemy. If God can use me to write a few words that may touch your heart for Him, He can use you to touch someone else. Like me, there may be much Road Work Ahead in your life, but if you are willing to trust God, it will be a wonderful and exciting journey.

©Joyce Powell

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