Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be Still

“Be still, and know that
I am God…”
      Psalm 46:10 NIV

     This week I searched frantically for two books in my collection. I looked through my book shelves, I looked in drawers, I unstacked and restacked magazines and papers and then I reached out from my office to other rooms in the house—desperate to find those books. My mind’s eye focused on books with red or gold covers. I knew exactly what each book looked like and where each one should be.

     Finally, after two days of frustration and searching, I stilled myself and prayed aloud, “Lord, would you please help me find those books?” About five minutes later, a simple truth ran through my mind—on your phone!

     The electronic age struck again! Although I was positive I had held each of those books flipped through the pages and shelved them in their proper places—I had never owned the hard copies. I purchased them in Kindle format. They had been at my fingertips for the past two days, but rather than being still and quiet to think about where they might be, I chose to tear through the house like a termite on steroids with the last piece of wood in sight.

     That experience reminded me that we often display that behavior during the difficult circumstances in life. Rather than stillness we choose activity. Rather than peace we choose chaos. Rather than God, we choose to figure it out—alone!

     But we are not alone! Our Heavenly Father waits patiently as we rush head first into the problem trying to solve it our way, discovering we cannot and at last coming to that place of stillness before Him to ask for His help. Like my books that were there all the time, when we surrender our lives to God through Jesus we are never again alone!

     Today if you are weary, tired, frustrated, sorrowful, grieving…remember one simple verse that can change your life, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

© Joyce Powell

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