Monday, February 10, 2014


It must have been a deathly dark
In that wilderness called home
For there were no lamps to light the path
Of the desert place they roamed 
As the land they had to leave behind
Now faded from their view
They mumbled, grumbled, and complained
What are we going to do? 
Then God called Moses to the mount
And gave to him a plan
To show His chosen what to do
And told them they must stand
For good and not for evil
For God and God alone
He gave plans for a dwelling place
So that He would have a home 
When he came down to guide them
In His glory and His power
And he led them with the cloud by day
And by night a pillar of fire 
So they brought the spoils of Egypt
And they built as God designed
And he gave a lowly carpenter
A gift from God Divine 
The ability to oversee
This heavenly creation
An earthly home for the Great I Am
From which He would lead the nation 
Once a year the high priest came
Into the Father’s place
To offer a blood sacrifice
This was Atonement Day 
For only by the blood
Of one spotless sacrifice
Were the sins of man forgiven
By the Holy God Most High
So they wandered through the wilderness
For forty years and then
God gave them His permission
To take the Promised Land
And over many centuries
God’s chosen people knew
That what the Father promised
He would surely do 
Then one night while shepherds watched
The sky was filled with joy
As the angels rang out welcome
For a Holy Baby Boy 
Who would grow to be a carpenter
A gift from God Divine
The Holy Tabernacle
Who was sent by God’s design
Because the Father loves us
He sent His only son
To complete the tabernacle work
All sacrifices done 
For you see God’s son named Jesus
Hung upon a wooden cross
And He looked through time to see us
Wretched, broken, vile, and lost 
And with angels standing ready
To free Christ from that tree
God the Father turned His face
So our sin He would not see 
With salvation’s work completed
As the sacrifice lay slain
The last Atonement Day was over
Only grace would now remain 
For the sacrifice was not consumed
But rose to live again
Now He is seated by His Father
He’s my Savior, Brother, Friend 
So when all of life surrounds me
With its sadness and its pain
I lift my eyes toward heaven
And my heart begins to sing
For I’ve seen a glimpse of glory
And I know my God is real
There is nothing that can touch me
That’s beyond my Father’s will
©Joyce Powell

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