Monday, February 24, 2014

Beach Reach Team Needs Help

TEXAS BEACH REACH is a coming together of Christian College Students from around the state who take their Spring Break time and travel to South Padre Island. These students train during the year and work hard reaching out to the 50,000 to 60,000 students that flood South Padre for Spring Break drinking and partying.
Our Beach Reach Team is still in need of about $3500. If you have the financial ability to help reach young people for Jesus Christ, please consider helping this team make its way to South Padre for Spring Break where we will meet up with approximately 700 college students from around the state of Texas. A single scholarship is $400 or any partial scholarship would be appreciated.

We will feed th
em at midnight and 8 a.m. (this means they will have something besides alcohol in their bodies.) They will be given rides to keep them from driving drunk and hurting themselves or others. And, at every opportunity, we will share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For those who commit to life in Christ, there is follow-up to get them connected with a church in their hometowns.

This year's icy weather affected the biggest fundraiser of the year for this team.

Please pray that God will provide all that is needed to extend the love of Christ and display the grace of God to those who do not know Him.
You may reach me at .
Thank you.

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