Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Year Anniversary--Thank You

One year ago today I started this
 roadsignsforliving blog. 6150 people
 have read the blog in all parts of the
 world. The top ten countries amaze me.
  Only God could take a few humble words
 from an unknown person, spread them
 around the world, and touch the hearts of
 people I will never know. I give Him all the
 praise and all the glory for anything good that
 may ever come from my heart to theirs... because
 of God's grace.

United States 3854
Malaysia 822
Russia 432
Germany 272
Ukraine 73
Indonesia 36
France 25
Netherlands 25
United Kingdom 19
Canada 14

I thank all of my sweet friends who have
supported me over this past year. I do not
 take you for granted.

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