Friday, January 10, 2014

All In God's Plan

As for you, you meant evil against
Me, but God meant it for good…
                   Genesis 50:20 ESV 
     How could Joseph or his brothers have imagined their evil deeds, throwing Joseph into a pit and then selling him into slavery, as a step in God’s plan to create a nation that would eventually birth the Redeemer of Man, the Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
     Joseph lived through the pit, the palace of Pharaoh, the prison of Egypt and finally a return to power surpassed only by the Pharaoh himself. Through it all his integrity remained intact. Eventually, he saw his childhood dreams come true as his brothers knelt before him desiring to purchase grain to save their families from an ongoing famine.
     Finally, Joseph sent his brothers back to their home in Canaan to retrieve their father and their families and return to Egypt where they were provided the best of everything. As the family grew from less than one hundred to over a million, the Egyptians became afraid and the children of Jacob (whom God renamed Israel) became slaves.
     Onlookers might see a dire set of circumstances, but God was in control and at work fulfilling His promise to Abraham. It was all in God’s plan. After four hundred years, deliverance came as God used a murderer named Moses to lead His people home—back to the land of Canaan—not as slaves but as a nation born of God’s grace, refined in the fire of slavery, tested in the trials of the wilderness and awaiting the coming of Messiah.
     After two thousand years of wandering, Israel once again exists as a nation whose borders encompass a portion of the Promised Land; all in God’s plan.
     To the discerning heart the biblical account of the Nation of Israel brings assurance that God’s promises are true, His almighty power is unmatchable, and His grace is extended despite our actions not because of our actions.
     Today, we are the beneficiaries of millennia of God’s fulfilled promises. We have the privilege of holding the history of man in our hands; God’s Word. We can see the whole picture—from the garden to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
     You and I are present on planet earth at this time and in this season—not by accident but because it is all in God’s plan. We must use our time wisely and trust that even when we face evil, God can use it for good! Be blessed today as you walk through the unfolding plan God has for your life.
© Joyce Powell

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