Thursday, December 26, 2013

The True Gift of Christmas

For God so loved the world that He gave…
                                           John 3:16  KJV  

     The long-awaited day of both children and child-like hearts seems out of reach for eleven months of the year. Then, almost without warning, it has come and gone!

     Wrapping paper covers the floor like plush thick carpet. Ribbons and bows capture the toes of those brave enough to walk barefoot through their colorful curled trappings while the evidence of too much or for some— too little, leaves behind either dreams fulfilled or longings for that one desired gift.

     But the true gift of Christmas will never disappoint or leave you searching for something more. The true gift of Christmas is God’s bountiful grace, announced to the shepherds, displayed in a manger and eventually delivered to the cross. The true gift of Christmas came down from heaven in the supreme act of love.

     The true gift of Christmas is Light in a dark world. Hope for the hopeless! Healing for the afflicted! Joy for the broken hearted! Peace in the midst of turmoil! Abundance rather than lack! Forgiveness exchanged for unforgiveness! Rescue from a storm-tossed life! Encouragement for the down and out and for the up and out!

     The true gift of Christmas is grace—God’s abundant, over-flowing, never-ending, always available grace. Don’t miss it! Grace is available today! For you! Now! It is grace for living and grace for dying. It is grace for the sunny days and the dark, cloudy, storm-filled days. The true gift of Christmas—For God so loved the world that He gave more than we needed, before we realized we needed it and long after we thought the need had passed.

     The true gift of Christmas—Jesus came to live in the human heart. Open yours! Let Him in! 

© Joyce Powell

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