Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grace to Meet God

On the morning of the third day there
were thunders and lightnings and a thick
cloud on the mountain and a very loud
trumpet blast, so that all the people in
the camp trembled. Then Moses brought
the people out of the camp to meet God,
and they took their stand at the foot of
the mountain.          Exodus 19:16-17 

     My imagination takes me to some wild places and often vividly displays scenes that one can only…well…imagine. Although I do not consider myself crazy (some may disagree) I do see and hear people who aren’t really there as they walk through the joys and tragedies of life. Of course I write it all down hoping one day to have a best seller. But the scene described in chapter nineteen of Exodus takes me to the edge of my ability to imagine.

     About seven weeks after the exodus from Egypt, Israel camped at Mount Sinai fulfilling God’s burning bush promise to Moses. (Exodus 3:12) They knew God was coming. Moses explained God’s instructions to consecrate themselves and to wash their garments and be ready; on the third day the LORD was coming down on Mount Sinai for all the people to see.

     God came in a thick cloud with a trumpet blast; descending in fire and smoke and “the whole mountain trembled greatly.” (Verse 18) All the people trembled! The LORD came down to the top of the mountain and called Moses to come up—grace extended. In Exodus 34:29 we find that Moses, after another encounter with the living God, had to cover his face with a veil.
      The presence of the Holy Almighty radiated from the face of Moses. Can you even imagine? God showed up, Moses went up the mountain, and all the people knew that Moses had been with God.

     I have never seen a glowing face. Have you? Unlike the Israelites who had to watch from a distance, as children of God you and I have the authority to meet with God—one on one! To come boldly before His throne of grace! I then have to ask myself, “Why is my face not glowing?”

     The Grace to meet God is extended to all who believe.

©JP 2013   

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