Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little is Much In the Master’s Hands


The crowd pressed in to hear Him speak
They had followed a long way
His Words had set their hearts afire
But towards the end of day
His followers grew hungry
Yet there was no food to eat
The disciples must have questioned
As Satan planned defeat 

Then in the crowd they found a boy
With a simple little lunch
Not nearly what was needed
To feed that great big bunch
Of men and women, boys and girls
Resting on their hillside seats
This was no banquet for a king
Not even a peasant’s feast 

But they took it to the Master
And they watched as in His hands
That tiny lunch of fish and loaves
Fed women and children and men
And when the meal was ended
They gathered up the rest
There were baskets full left over
Because it had been blessed 

For little is much in the Master’s hands
Although we often say
There is nothing I can offer
I cannot share today
I do not write, or preach the Word
I don’t know how to sing
I cannot pray as some may do
And make the rafters ring 

Please don’t let Satan fool you
Don’t fail to understand
Remember all is multiplied
When in the Master’s hands
So if all you have is little
Boldly take your stand
And place that little that you have
Into the Master’s hands

©JP 2013

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