Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grace Changes Everything

They have washed their robes and made
them white in the blood of the lamb.
                                  Revelation 7:14 

     I find it fascinating that God can take a heart made black by sin, dip it in the crimson blood and it becomes as white as snow. His grace, unmerited favor, loving kindness, His outward expression of love for mankind—for you and for me—changes everything!

     The Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well came in her sin and left with eternal salvation. The leper, one among ten, came to Jesus crying unclean and left in purity of body and soul. The woman with the issue of blood came to Jesus as a last resort after years of suffering, and with one touch of the hem of the garment of Jesus—whole! Throughout the Bible we read accounts of how God’s grace changed life after life. God’s grace changes everything.

     God’s grace continues to change lives. Some years ago my husband and I sang in a Southern Gospel quartet. During a revival for a small church in our hometown, our group was asked to provide the music. One night we noticed a man seated near the back—alone. He appeared troubled but attentive to the songs. After the service, the men in our group made their way to the man on the pew. His story—chilling!

     Life had not been kind to him. On that particular evening, he planned to kill himself. While sitting with his loaded gun, he noticed the newspaper that told about a revival and the Southern Gospel music—his favorite. He decided to attend the revival to hear the music and then return home and pull the trigger. After the music, however, he was drawn to remain for the preaching.

     As the men spoke with him, heard his story, and ministered to his heart, God’s grace intervened, and he walked out of that little church a changed man. Hope replaced hopelessness. Mercy replaced despair. God’s grace changed everything.

     There is no pit so deep that God’s grace cannot pull you out. There is no sin so black that God’s grace cannot save you. There is no hurt so bad that God’s grace cannot heal it. God’s grace changes everything.

     Today, I pray for an opportunity to reach out and tell someone about God’s grace.

Grace is a river that flows from Calvary
Grace is a fountain of life for you and me
In the presence of Jehovah, grace makes paupers royalty
Sinners are made holy
For grace changes everything

©JP 2013

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