Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Gift of Friendship

There is a friend who sticks closer
than a brother.
                     Proverbs 18:24b 

     In 1978 I received a gift from an anonymous person, a “Secret Pal” from the women’s ministry at my church. Those who were part of the “Secret Pal” program would give and receive gifts throughout the year—always anonymously. Once a year the anonymous friend would be revealed and we would draw names for the upcoming year. Fun was had by all as we tried to determine the identity of our secret friend.

     During a time of emotional struggle, I received a package from my secret friend. It changed my life! Someone Cares – The Collected Poems of Helen Steiner Rice. As I voraciously read page after page, poem after poem, insight after insight, God began gently pushing me into a deeper study of His Word, and I began to pick up pen and paper and to write. After thirty-five years, I am still doing all of those things.

     Do not discount the worth of your true friends. They are valuable, insightful and a lifelong reminder of God’s love for you. They know your secrets, your faults, your failures, your personality flaws…but love you in spite of who you are not because of who you are. Just like Jesus!

     To my friend June, the giver of the words of Helen Steiner Rice, I say Thank You! It has and will remain one of my most precious possessions.

     Today, I will leave you with a poem written by Mrs. Rice. I hope you enjoy the poem, and call a friend to say, “I love you”.


The Gift of Friendship 

that cannot be bought or sold
But its value is far greater
than a mountain made of gold—
For gold is cold and lifeless,
it can neither see nor hear,
And in the time of trouble
it is powerless to cheer—
It has no ears to listen,
no heart to understand,
It cannot bring you comfort
or reach out a helping hand—
So when you ask God for a GIFT,
be thankful if HE sends
Not diamonds, pearls or riches,
but the love of real true friends. 

Helen Steiner Rice


©JP 2013

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