Monday, June 10, 2013

He's Alive - Trust Him!

…Why do you look for the living among the
dead? He is not here; He has risen!...
                                          Luke 24:5-6 

     Jesus was buried in a tomb hewn out of a rock, locked in by a stone which, by most historical accounts, weighed at least a ton and guarded by Roman soldiers whose failure to achieve their mission could have cost them their lives. Yet Jesus could not be contained in His man-made grave. Matthew 28:1-4 explains the tomb’s opening.

     “There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.”

     Lest we forget, Jesus did not need the angel to open the grave so He could get out but so others could look in and see the empty tomb. Even as I write, I hear distant thunder and am reminded of the awesome power of our God.

     Many of us are currently walking through times of testing; feeling locked in and sealed—disheartened. Discouragement digs its claws into our shoulders like a giant hawk sitting on a high branch watching for an evening meal. For some, pain shoots through your body like an unexpected lightening strike and many suffer emotionally as well as physically because of a debilitating condition. Others have family in trouble and long for God’s intervention to reunite loved ones. Troubles and trials abound!

     But I am encouraged! You see, I know the man who has the power to work all these things together for good. He walks on water! He raises the dead! He makes blind eyes see! He gives hearing to deaf ears! He gives a voice to those who cannot speak! He lights the sky with His glory, and the earth shakes at His command.

     I believe He cares for me. If you are His child, He cares for you. I trust Him. I know that whatever I am going through at this moment, it could not happen without His knowledge or approval. Often I do not understand. Still, I trust Him. Often I plead with Him for change. Still, I trust Him. Often I am tempted to give up, but still, I trust Him.

     If you like me are in the middle of a testing time, a pruning time, a time of sorrow or hurt—trust Him. Be encouraged! He cares for you. He is molding you and shaping you to become more like Him. He knows about your sorrow and your pain. He suffered. He died. He rose. He’s alive! Trust Him.

©JP 2013

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