Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saving Transforming Grace

For if you remain silent at this time,
relief and deliverance for the Jews will
arise from another place, but you and
your father’s family will perish. And who
knows but that you have come to royal
position for such a time as this?
                                   Esther 4:14 

     We all love stories of those whose hearts have been changed and lives transformed. Rags to riches. Ugly duckling to beautiful princess. Orphan to father of a dozen adopted children. Broken lives turned from tragedy to triumph. Esther’s is one such story and more! It is a story of God’s saving and transforming grace.

     After the death of her parents, Esther’s uncle Mordecai became her caregiver, her father, her mother, her teacher… Esther 2:7 tells us that “she was lovely in form and feature”. Because of her beauty, she was forcibly taken to the palace of King Xerxes, along with many others, to be oiled, greased, perfumed and transformed into queenly material.

     Miss Manners gave lessons on which fork went where. Vidal Sassoon gave lessons on hair care. And, Dave Ramsey was invited to share his information on Total Money Makeover so the new queen would not squander the wealth of the kingdom.

     Esther 2:17 tells us “the king was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor (grace-mine) and approval more than any of the other virgins.” Eventually, Esther found herself not only wearing the royal diadem but being called upon to save her people, the Jews, from total annihilation.  

     Uncle Mordecai tried to explain to Esther that her position provided her the power and opportunity to save her people. Esther argued that the king had not called her in for a visit in thirty days. In those days, to come before the king without invitation could cost you your head.

     Look Esther, God will save His people—with or without your help. But if you do not help, you and your father’s family will be wiped out. “Who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

     Finally Mordecai’s explanation of the possible reason for her enthronement not only reached Esther’s ears but her heart as well, and she risked all as she stepped into the presence of the king. Because of Queen Esther’s willingness to risk her life for the lives of her people, the plan to eradicate them failed.

     God’s saving and transforming grace saved the life of a little orphan girl and transformed her into the tool chosen to save His people. I have great news! His saving and transforming grace remains the same. What He did with Esther, He can and is willing to do for you and for me. God is able! 

     If you have never received God’s gift of grace, salvation through Jesus Christ, today is the day. If you need the power of God’s transforming grace, today is the day. God still saves and He still changes lives. His saving transforming grace remains available to all who will ask. Today is the day!

JP 2013   

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