Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to be a Wimp for God!

The prayer of a righteous person
is powerful and effective.
                            James 5:16b

      Many times I have asked myself and God if I have what it takes to be a Champion for Christ in a situation where Christians are being persecuted and martyred.  I want to be an extraordinary Christian—not a wimp. Below is a list—in random order—of characteristics I do not want in my life. Most of us can probably look at this list and see one or more battles that we have fought over the years. Just for fun, see if you can find yourself, past or present. Don’t worry, I’m not judging. After all, I’ve been there—otherwise, how could I have written the list.

1.                 Run Away from tough situations
2.                  Stay in a tough situation but pout and WHINE
3.                  Have a bad attitude
4.                  Just Exist
5.                  Don’t pray
6.                  Don’t read and meditate on God’s Word
7.                  Don’t sing God’s Praises
8.                  Don’t Worship
9.                  Stay away from church
10.              Don’t associate with other Christians
11.              Never take responsibility
12.              Never assume responsibility
13.              Be selfish
14.              Never volunteer
15.              Always expect to get financial blessings for everything you do
16.              Don’t tithe
17.              Don’t give offerings
18.              Always have a sad story ready to share
19.              Be unrepentant
20.              Know it all
21.              Have no compassion
22.              Take the credit for what God has done and/or is doing in your life
23.              Remember “it’s my right”
24.              Never admit when you are wrong
25.              Put others down, it will make you feel bigger and better
26.              Let life get in your way
27.              Watch TV A LOT
28.              Always do what others expect of you
29.              Do things the world’s way
30.              Never humble yourself
31.              Never have a servant’s heart 

This is the short list. Don’t forget to pray.  J

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