Wednesday, July 30, 2014


“Repent, for the kingdom
of heaven is near.”
        Matthew 5:17 NIV
     Jesus began His ministry with a call to repent, to change, to turn the elements of one’s life from self towards God. He called fishermen, tradesmen and even a despised tax collector to repent and follow Him. The metamorphosis from who they were to who they became must have astounded those who knew the disciples—before and after.
     Imperfect men repented and committed their lives to following Jesus. With each footprint left along their way, they changed the world for eternity.
     The call to repent remains the same today as two thousand years ago. Turn from a life without Christ; a life of self-centeredness and self control. Turn to a life with Christ; a life fully surrendered to the will of God.
     After a life-changing commitment to Christ, we continue to have opportunity to repent. Anger, frustration, and the grind of daily living can sometimes cause us to forget the power of Christ within us. But when we remember to whom we belong and repent of our self-centeredness, restoration comes.
     Attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors are ripe for transformation when you and I come face to face with the Savior. Kneel today and repent!
© Joyce Powell

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