Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Made Whole

And he (Jesus) said unto him (leper),
“Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made
thee whole.”             Luke 17:19  (KJV)

Ten men cried for mercy
Leper was their names
Since the day it happened
Life had never been the same

Each must have longed once more to hold
The loved ones in his life
A gentle touch; one warm embrace
Of mother, child, or wife

But that could never happen
Because there was no cure
For the dread disease that ate away
Their lives year after year

Then one day on their journey
As they walked along the road
They met a man named Jesus
And they called to be made whole

All ten begged for mercy
As He began to speak
Go to the priests and show yourselves
Then you will be made clean

Ten turned and ran, but one came back
And bowed before the Lord
Oh thank you sir
I glorify your name forevermore

Christ began to question him
Where are the other nine
Could none be found with praise to God
Could they not take the time

Then once again sweet Jesus spoke
To the Samaritan on his way
Nine leper’s lives were cleansed
But faith has made you whole today!

      The nine lepers cleansed were made ceremonially clean or purified. However, we are told that the Samaritan was made whole; saved, delivered, rescued, healed, in right relationship with God.

     How is your relationship with God? Are you like the nine who were cleansed and went on their way, or are you one made whole?

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